Alotsold Auctioneers aim to be one of the country’s leading property auctioneers, specialising in the sale of residential and commercial property and land, in any condition. We cover the whole of the UK. At Alotsold we aim to provide a professional, innovative and supportive service to both buyers and sellers wherever they are located in the UK.

Property Auctioneers offer one of the fastest and most effective ways to sell or buy property and land. It’s so much easier than one might think offering a high degree of certainty that contracts will be exchanged on the agreed day.

Pre-Registration Process

Have you completed the Alotsold Property Auction registration process which involves two steps? If so, you are entitled to bid on your specific lot(s). If this is not the case, please click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button and follow the on-screen instructions – you must be pre-approved by the Alotsold Property Auction team in order to bid on a lot.

Prior to being approved to bid online you must register to bid with us and complete an online bidding form (per property you are wishing to bid on). Upon receiving the completed document, along with deposit monies (£3,000 minimum or 10% of the guide price, whichever is greater), Buyer Premium and subject to our final checks, you will receive confirmation of approval to bid on the day.

Please note, we require full registration, ID and cleared funds no later than three working days prior to the date of the online auction. Please use the link below to register as a bidder.

During the Online Auction

You will be able to commence bidding once the auction time for your lot has started. Any bids will increase in pre-determined increments using the on-screen buttons. You will able to see your own details on screen and will be identified by Bidder 1, 2 etc in order for each bidders identification to remain anonymous and which cannot be seen by other bidders. An on-screen notification will show if you are currently the highest bidder or if you have been outbidded.

Timing & Bid Extensions

Our online auction system extends the end of the auction for each lot by 1 minute every time an additional bid is placed after the scheduled closing time (so long as there was a bid in the last schedule minute) until there has been 1 minute of ‘bidding silence’. At this point the system will close the auction. As a result, it is pointless leaving placing your bid until the final seconds of an extension period as this will only extend the auction for another minute. It is better to get your bid in early so you will be more likely to be bidding a lower amount.

In order to avoid any malfunction in the system which may result in the online auction system not receiving any bid within the extension time you are strongly  advised as a registered bidder to avoid placing your bid in the last few moments as you may miss out to another bidder.

Post Auction Process What happens now?

At the end of the auction, an onscreen notification will appear advising if you are the successful bidder or not. If you are the successful bidder, a member of the Alotsold Property Auctions team will be in touch with you to assist you in the post auction process. You will have exchanged contracts and our sales team will be issuing a sale memorandum to solicitors instructing a 28-day completion period. If the property does not sell during the on-line auction, you can purchase this after the auction. Please contact a member of Alotsold Property Auctions staff following the auction to discuss.

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Member’s Registration

Please click the button below to register with Alotsold Property Auctions. You’ll then be able to view and bid on pre-auction properties.